by Kunal Mehta

It was back in 2017 when the LEGO Group had launched the Star Wars Millennium Falcon set, which comprised of 7,500 pieces and was hailed as their biggest ever.

Now, they have gone a step further and launched the #Lego Colosseum set, which comes with 9,036 pieces!

This set is as detailed as it gets with all the columns, stories and stands that form a part of the Colosseum. The #architects of the world would rejoice at this opportunity.

If you are thinking that this will be too difficult for kids, Lego knows that. This set is targeted for people 18 and above and it went on sale from #BlackFriday at a hefty price tag of $550.

In the comments below, I am also posting the YouTube link of the designer sharing his thoughts behind this set.

Here is a bit of trivia:

-> Lego has a #brand community called LUGNET, which works closely with the brand to provide feedback that helps in product and business decisions.

​-> LUGNET also provides a forum for “Adult Fans of Lego” (aka: AFOL) to discuss Lego-related issues and post about creations. ​

So are you a Lego enthusiast?

Image Credit: CNET


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