by Kunal Mehta

When you think of companies that grew in 2020, you would think of companies in the digital, ecommerce and medical space.

However, one company whose name would come as a surprise would be Tupperware.

They have reported a sales growth of 14% in the third quarter! Their share price has increased more than 300% since the start of the year.

So what’s worked in their favour?

1. People started cooking at home and therefore needed safe storage containers for their food.

2. With an increase in eating at home, people started storing more food items.

3. Tupperware upped their game with meaningful innovation like:
i) FridgeSmart – A container with an adjustable venting system designed to regulate airflow & moisture.
ii) Chop ‘N Prep Chef – A container with three blades operated via a pull string to make cutting easier.

4. They rolled out TuppSocial – a program to provide digital training to its independent sellers.

5. They launched a pilot program vTupp that allows sellers to host virtual parties where guests can purchase products directly from the platform during the event.

6. Tupperware has been pushing its products as sustainable, reusable and environmentally friendly.

Opportunities can be created when the willingness is there.


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