by Kunal Mehta

Sometimes you see a brilliant idea and start wondering why no one else thought of this before.

Running Stories is one of those ideas.

Are you one of those who struggles to run and finds it as a boring and lonely #sport?

Now what if you were put in a situation where you are running as a protagonist of a story? You could be a spy, a cop or any other character.

BBH Asia Pacific (Singapore) has launched a Running Stories #app that allows you to immerse yourself in the story. The story then starts building basis your GPS location, the weather, the traffic.

There are multiple situations to choose from and it is a great way to bring thrill, adventure, fun and motivation on your runs.

The app is still in Beta version and launched only in #Singapore for the moment. They will have to test it on parameters of safety, how quick the live updates are, ease of use, etc. However, as an idea, it is quite powerful, built on a strong insight.

See the awesome video to understand the possibilities of this fantastic app.


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