by Kunal Mehta

One of the major reasons cyclists are involved in accidents in the night is because they are not clearly visible.

Building on this #insight, three designers had put up their FARO helmet project on Kickstarter, which has been funded completely because of the strength of the idea and the aim of making cycling more safer and convenient.

The helmet comes with LED strips on the front and back, along with their signature Hidden Light that helps people around you be aware of your presence.

Its smart features like the automatic brake-light, fall-detection, and a sleek handlebar remote (for the indicators) makes it stand out over all other bike shelf helmets.

The helmet has an automatic brake-light built in and uses an accelerometer to detect when you’re slowing down.

You can also connect your helmet to the #app and activate the fall-detection feature, allowing you to send out an SOS alert to an emergency contact if you ever suffer a fall.


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