by Kunal Mehta

Some of the concepts that we used to see in futuristic movies are becoming more of a reality now!

Meiji University of Japan has come up with this lickable #flavour synthesizer ‘Norimaki Synthesizer’ that can give you the experience of any food by delivering a flavour experience to you through this machine.

This little machine comes with five gel nodules made of dissolved electrolytes that will give you different #food tastes in your mouth without having to eat anything!

It actually tricks your brain by delivering one of the five fundamental and basic tastes – sweet, salty, acidic, sour, and umami, which forms the crux of all foods.

People who love junk food could now get all their cravings taken care of without consuming any calories 🙂

See more details in the video below.

Video Credit: Mashable


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