by Kunal Mehta

Every good #leader knows that leaving a legacy and creating a lasting influence is far more important than the short term quarterly results or a nice year of growth.

Creating a lasting #influence does not happen on its own. Leaders have to work towards it consciously on various dimensions.

A lasting influence is a result of how others perceive you as a leader. It is about how you are able to inspire others not only through your own #performance, but also by their own performance even after you are gone. It is about being their beacon of inspiration at all times.

Your influence gets built not only by the things that you do, but also by the things that you do not do. It is a combination of your action, your behaviour, your push and your belief.

Creating a lasting influence is built on the six pillars of:

  1. Substance

2. Trust

3. Commitment

4. Thought leadership

5. Generosity

6. Change

All six of these have been beautifully created by Tanmay Vora in the sketch below.


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