by Kunal Mehta

Whether you are an #enterpreneur, a #startupfounder, a #CEO, a #leader, a #manager or anything else, there is one thing that all of us want to achieve in our results – GREATNESS.

We want to create a great company, a great business, a great idea, a great ad, a great innovationโ€ฆ. the list goes on and on.

Reaching the peak of greatness can be emotionally taxing and people often do not see what goes behind.

There are moments of despair, self-doubt, frustration and many other negative emotions that run through the mind.

You cannot escape it. No one does. It is inevitable.

Many drop out and only the ones who persist, then enjoy the feeling of greatness. They are then able to look back at their emotional journey and acknowledge that it was all worth it.

Create something great, but also be prepared for the emotional journey that comes with it!


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