by Kunal Mehta

I am a firm believer in the #power of compounding – be it in finance, fitness, reading or any other aspect of life.

Every little cent, every little set, every little page counts and builds up over a period of time.

Let’s understand this by taking a simple example:

Assuming that you have no time to do any workout, if you can just take out 5 minutes in your day, you should be able to do 21 pushups.

Why 21? Simply because the year is 2021 and it is easy to remember. No science behind that!

Now let’s say that you could not even take out those 5 minutes every day of the year and managed to do it only for 330 days of the year.

Result: 330*21 = 6930 pushups in a year

Pause and think about this. You have been able to do 6930 pushups by the end of the year, starting from 0.

Now what if you continue this for the next 3 years…

Result: 330*21*3 = 20790 pushups in 3 years

Would you disagree with the fact that a person who has done more than 20k pushups would not have transformed his body in some way?

So whatever it is in your life that you want to start, start now!

Remember that Albert Einstein said “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it….he who doesn’t…. pays it.”


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