by Kunal Mehta

‘Juggernaut’ and ‘Behemoth’ are the words that have always come to mind when speaking about Reliance Industries Limited.

They not only dominate the Indian market but have also made a huge stamp across the world.

Since the past few years, the company has also been on a buying and acquisition spree across categories and companies – Hamleys of London, Haathway Cable & Datacom Limited, Urban Ladder, Netmeds.com.

What seems to a clear strategic direction is this:

‘Every time an Indian #consumer opens their wallet (real/digital) to buy anything in any category, there should be a company or brand of Reliance as a choice.’

You need entertainment, data, mobiles, music, furniture, fashion, medicines, cable, clothes, etc. etc. and we have it all for you!

Just name the category and they have a presence there. The image below shows a clear picture of the #acquisitions that they have done so far and the way they have started creating a presence in almost every growth opportunity category.

Any guesses, what would be their next acquisition and which sector will they go after?


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