by Kunal Mehta

People who love nature do not always have the space to grow plants and flowers. Sometimes they cannot put a vase on a table because there are kids in the house.

However these reasons should not stop one from enjoying the beauty of flowers and plants as and when they want.

Companies have found a solution to this consumer pain point through Silicone Flower Vase.

It is a great solution and is brilliant due to so many reasons:

  1. These can be pasted easily on any surface. Easy to peel, wash and reuse.
  2. You can fill it with water, give you the same emotional experience as that of watering a plant.
  3. You can change the flowers and plants inside as and when you want without having to wait for it to grow.
  4. The surrounding of this vase can be changed as per convenience – kitchen, bathroom mirror, living room, etc.
Video Credit: Luckybudmall


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