by Kunal Mehta

2020 might have been a tough year for many businesses but that did not stop some of the brands to grow and become even bigger than before!

Interbrand has released their 2020 Best Global Brands report which has been nicely represented visually by Visual Capitalist.

Key highlights worth noting:
1. Top 5 brands in the list are from the technology sector and those are the only ones that grew last year.

2. Only 41 out of 100 most valuable global brands of the year 2000 remain in the ranking today. So consistency is key.

3. InstagramYouTube and Tesla are new entrants to the list.

4. The only CPG in the Top 10 is The Coca-Cola Company and the next CPG company is PepsiCo at the 26th rank.

5. Apple with a brand value of $323 billion maintains a solid gap with its next two rankers – Amazon and Microsoft.

6. Microsoft overtook Google in ranking this year and has added a whopping $100 billion to its brand value by in just one decade!


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