by Kunal Mehta

Who doesn’t love a gift that has been personalised for them?

I just love my own personalised Quality Street tins from Nestle that have been turned into Mehta Street 🙂.

Personalisation makes the receiver of the gift feel special and it also shows the gesture of the giver, in terms of the time and effort that the person took in personalising the gift.

Brands know this quite well and they have been building personalization as part of their strategy for a while now.

What benefits does personalisation bring to a brand?

1. Personalisation helps drive equity and appeal of a brand.

2. It gives an opportunity to the brand to charge a premium.

3. This is a great way to generate earned media from its consumer franchise.

4. Personalisation helps drive brand loyalty and retention.

Till a few years back, mass scale brands across industries and categories couldn’t personalize due to their heavy production lines.

However, with the help of technology, brands have been able to overcome that barrier and have been able to dial up the. brand experience for its consumers.

If you are a brand builder, do consider personalisation as part of your marketing strategy as that can give you great returns.


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