by Kunal Mehta

Few days back, the entire world went gaga over the brilliant piece of work that came out from the gallery of Nike.

It was all about celebrating sport and the passion behind it.

Let us extend that celebration further. This time, this great piece of work comes from Barilla Group.

Couple of months back, a video of two young Italian sisters playing tennis on their rooftop, during lockdown went viral. Barilla decided to make them play another tennis match on their roof top. The only difference – they would be playing it with their favourite tennis player Roger Federer!

The sisters did not know this till the last minute. The video captures their original reactions beautifully and then goes on to bring a smile on the faces of not only the sisters but also the viewers.

The role of the product is integrated very smartly, and then the end is like a dash of olive oil on the pasta, making it even better.

Enjoy this video to get into a happy mood!


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