by Kunal Mehta


Please take a pause, stop everything that you are doing, and immerse yourself for the next 1:30 minutes into this awesome, enthralling piece of work from Nike.

How do they do this every time, with every new #communication that they come up with? A film that will give you goosebumps!

Their secret sauce seems to be:

📌 Take the world of sport, which is what the #brand is all about.

📌 Combine it with a perfect balance of adrenaline and emotion.

📌 Add extremely strong lines to it.

📌 Put a healthy dose of a powerful voiceover that is linked to their purpose.

📌 Do a treatment to the film that makes people sit up.

📌 Garnish it with a hard hitting sign off message.

📌 Ensure that this combination would resonate with all irrespective of geography, gender, class, colour, etc.

As a sports fan, I feel more in love with sport.
As a marketer, I feel inspired and in awe.
As a human, I feel motivated and emotional.

Kudos to the entire team behind yet another masterpiece. You can add this to your hall of fame work Wieden + Kennedy

More than 6.3 million views in the last 17 hours shows you the power of great content.


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