by Kunal Mehta

#Creativity can strike us at any moment at any place.

When that creative idea bulb lights up in our head, it feels like an awesome idea. Then the thought bubbles start popping in the head that make you doubt whether that idea is really as awesome as you thought it was.

This goes on for a while and the idea moves through various phases, leading to even self-doubt and you question your own ability.

Once you let the creative idea linger on for a bit longer, it slowly starts moving back to the ‘This might be ok’ stage and then finally to the ‘This is awesome’ place.

Never kill an #idea when you are going through these phases in the creative process timeline. Evaluate it, assess it, improve it, but don’t kill it.

You will be surprised and delighted to notice how many of those ideas become awesome, just like they were always meant to be.


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