by Kunal Mehta

Quite often, great ideas are right around us but we need a nudge to really see them.

With people staying at home and feeling bored, Pizza Hut in Ecuador came up with something simple and superb!

Working with their agency DDB, they turned their pizza boxes into interactive and fun board games that could help people have fun at home.

Customers just need to go to the brand’s social media and learn how they can convert their pizza box into a board game of their choice.

This is a brilliant piece of #marketing in so many ways:

-> They are making their product and its packaging the hero.

-> The #brand is building positive emotional equation with their consumers that goes beyond just the product. It is bringing families closer through these games and keeping people in a positive frame of mind.

-> It is great way to make people visit their social media channels and increase the brand love and loyalty further.

-> The #packaging is no more just a container, but it is a piece of communication and engagement.

Kudos to the brand and the agency!


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