by Kunal Mehta

On 15th Aug, 2020 #India celebrated its 74th Independence Day. Many brands came up with new content – some good, some bad, and some predictable.

The work from Tata Tea Limited stands out as they chose this occasion to launch a collection of #DeshKaKulhad (Country’s Mud Tea Cup).

It is an example of great #marketing:

PRODUCT: An extremely strong product linkage to the idea and the content. Makes it relevant.

PACKAGING: The packaging is creative, colourful and artistic.

PURPOSE: There is a cause linked to the sales of the product. The artists behind the kulhad will benefit from the sale, helping them in this tough period.

EMOTION: Kulhad is associated with nostalgia, memories and some of the best tea drinking experiences for a lot of people. What better day than the Independence Day to bring this emotion alive.

PERSONALISATION AND CELEBRATION: Not only does the launch celebrate the special day, it also celebrates the diversity and secularism of the country by bringing out editions representing different states/cities/culture of India.

ECOMMERCE TRAFFIC: This collection is being sold on their own site rather than any other #ecommerce site. Over there, they show the back story, which further helps in #brand building.

Tata Tea #DeshKaKulhad


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