by Kunal Mehta

It’s true and it’s out!

Canada has gone ahead and introduced three new flavours of #KITKAT ice cream, which looks amazing!

There are certain things that really stand out for me:

1. The brand has very smartly used the same flavors that they have in their #chocolate variants already. So it is a safer bet and they can get economies of scale in sourcing ingredients.

2. Although the #packaging has the cues of ice cream, it doesn’t walk away from the KitKat layout. A great sign of a strong, global brand – consistency.

3. The product shots clearly tell you that there will be KitKat pieces in the #icecream. This is a great way to make existing KitKat consumers try it as well as get ice cream consumers to try it.

4. This is a very good #brand extension as it opens new business opportunities in an adjacent category, premiumizes the brand and reduces the risk of relying on a single category for revenue.

5. The positioning of the brand still remains all about the break. So any #communication on this product will help improve the brand equity of the overall brand as well.


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