by Kunal Mehta

We all know what is happening in #USA and how racism is rearing its ugly head. #Racism is not limited to any one geography, but an issue that exists in almost every country in some form or the other.

One of the ways to overcome this is to educate the children at schools and at home, talk to them about the equality of every skin colour and teach them the values of #respect#equality#diversity and #inclusion.

Other than parents, companies and brands that are in the education space can and must play a big role.

I am extremely glad to see Crayola launch this special pack of 24 colors ‘Colors of the World’, developed with the help of Victor Casale, former MAC Cosmetics chief chemist and current MOB Beauty CEO, to represent “over 40 global skin tones.” For generations, kids were limited to just one or two colors among their art materials to represent skin tones, if any at all. Now, no more.

“Crayola wants every child to be able to color themselves and the people they love by using crayons that accurately mirror them,” the company reveals in a press release. The “colors of the world” are grouped into three main shades: ‘Almond’, ‘Golden’, and ‘Rose’, indicating the cool and warm tones of various complexions.


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