by Kunal Mehta

Imagine seeing a huge blank outdoor metal billboard, with some small letters in the middle. It would leave you confused or indifferent.

This is exactly what the Austrian knife brand from the SWAROVSKI group – Tyrolit did in their recent marketing approach.

Task: They wanted to demonstrate the durability of their knife, even when everything around rusts.

Execution: The #brand put up a metal billboard in the streets of Vienna. The team removed the rust shield layer of the metal from the entire billboard except the knife outline. They then sped up the oxidation process by spraying it with salt water, before the reveal so that the metal would rust faster.

A few days after the reveal, all of the billboard started showing signs of rust, except the knife area. In a few weeks, everything had rusted, but Tyrolit stayed true to what it promised: ‘Flawless Forever’.

Such a wonderful piece of #advertising with so much #creativity behind it.

This is a great lesson in #marketing.


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