by Kunal Mehta

All #Mario fans should rejoice at this piece of news.

Nintendo has just announced that they will bring the fun and excitement of a #mariokart in the real world!

From Oct 16th, you can experience a Mario Kart in your own home and your Nintendo Switch will control a physical cart that you can manage, while taking the cart through the obstacle courses set up in your own home with all sorts of augmented reality (AR) effects appearing on screen, as if they exist in your actual home.

This is a great amalgamation of the online and offline world and it will be a great opportunity for the family and friends to bond together in a much stronger way. Four players can race their karts together in the same space.

It is a positive endorsement of how #augmentedreality can make your lives better.

As someone who grew up playing Mario for hours, I am rubbing my hands in glee, just thinking of the fun that the new gamers will have.

A great work of #marketing from the folks at Nintendo. Check out the wonderful video that they have put together.


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