by Kunal Mehta

Pizza Hut announced the launch of round pizza boxes a few months back! They had been working on this concept since the last two years and it is finally being rolled out in one Pizza Hut in Phoenix, USA.

The key benefits of this round box are:

1. Round boxes will take much lesser #packaging than the standard square boxes, which is great for their costs and also good for the environment.

2. The box is industrially compostable, making it sustainable.

3. The pizzas will stay crispier, giving a better experience to the consumers.

4. The box has easier interlocking mechanism, saving the employee time in folding the square boxes. This means an improvement in productivity.

5. The round boxes also ensure that the pizzas stay intact in delivery.

It is clearly a strong idea with lot of advantages.

Once tested and found successful, this #innovation will be rolled out to other Pizza Huts as well. Will this revolutionize the #pizza industry? We will have to wait and watch.


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