by Kunal Mehta

This book, written by Michael Dertouzous, the director of MIT Laboratory for Computer Science from 1974 to 2001 gives future predictions about the next decade and century as the Information Revolution progresses.

What is amazing is that this book was published in 1998 – the year when Google had just been founded and way before the launch of Facebook, iPhone, Uber, Whatsapp, Spotify, YouTube Netflix or any of the other big guys of the digital world. I wanted to read this book to see what kind of vision Michael paints about the world and how much of it has truly happened.

It is fascinating to note that he talks about:

1. Music and film becoming available on demand.

2. Digital cash and interactive movies becoming a part of our lives.

3. Online medicinal services

4. Advances in telecommunication that will change the way we interact.

5. Robotics and Virtual Reality.

Being closer to the digital world, Michael could foresee the future much better than anyone else. In 20 years, we have seen most of what he talks about becoming a reality! A visionary!

The book also has a foreword by another visionary Bill Gates. Pick this book if you are keen to go back in time and see the predictions made with the reality of today.


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