Book Review: Shoe Dog

by Kunal Mehta

Just finished reading Shoe Dog, a memoir of Phil Knight, the man behind Nike. It’s quite a fascinating read, and Phil has opened his heart and his life to the readers and shared in complete honesty all his mistakes, his fears, his vulnerabilities. This makes you be a part of Phil’s journey rather than reading from a distance about an accomplished person. 

Some interesting facts that you will read in this book are: 

  • Phil Knight’s travel to Japan as well as his climb to Mount Fuji.
  • How Phil had a shoe selling business for many years before the #Nike brand came into existence. 
  • How the name Nike got formed and who was the person behind this name. 
  • How the Nike Swoosh logo got made and why Phil decided to go forward with it, despite not liking it much. 
  • The way Nike worked on #innovation and how it overtook Adidas and Puma who were giants when Nike was starting out. 
  • Phil’s personal life, how he met his wife, his relationship with his parents and his own love for sports. I must say that the last 40 pages of the book are just brilliant and come as the perfect icing on the cake.


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